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Emirates welcomes 100th A380 to its fleet
His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al-Maktoum, Emirates’ Chairman and Chief Executive officiated
the ceremony. A380 aircraft, flying this iconic double-decked jet to 48 cities on six continents

DUBAI (EAU) - Emirates today celebrates the milestone delivery of its 100th Airbus A380 aircraft at a special ceremony with Airbus at the manufacturer’s delivery centre in Hamburg. Adding to the celebrations, Emirates unveiled a special tribute to the late HH Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, founding father of the United Arab Emirates, with bespoke livery for its 100th A380. Emirates is the world’s largest operator of the A380 aircraft, flying this iconic double-decked jet to 48 cities on six continents on scheduled services. Including one-off flights, special commemorative services, test flights and other operational deployments, over 70 airports to date have welcomed the Emirates A380.

His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al-Maktoum, Emirates’ Chairman and Chief Executive officiated the ceremony. He was joined at the event by Sir Tim Clark, President Emirates Airline; Tom Enders, Airbus Chief Executive Officer; Dominic Horwood, Rolls-Royce, Director - Customer and Services; His Excellency Ali Al Ahmed, UAE Ambassador to Germany and Frank Horch, Senator for Economy, Transport and Innovation of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. Sheikh Ahmed said: “This is a tremendous moment for Emirates, for Airbus and for our many partners involved in the A380 programme. There is no doubt that the A380 has had a big positive impact on aerospace manufacturing and the broader aviation industry, supporting hundreds of thousands of jobs and stimulating innovation and new product development in many related areas such as ground handling, catering, airport facilities and cabin products, to name a few. “Importantly, the A380 also brought the flying experience for our customers to the next level. The aircraft itself is a showpiece of engineering. It is the world’s largest commercial passenger jet but it is quiet and efficient and at Emirates we’ve utilised the onboard real estate to redefine the thinking around inflight products and experience. Our flight crew love to fly it and our customers love to fly in it. For Emirates, the A380 has been a success. We’ve been able to utilise it at slot-constrained airports, as well as at regional and ‘secondary’ airports where we have grown passenger demand. Each time we deploy an A380 onto a route, it typically stimulates further traffic and demand as travellers are attracted by our flagship A380 experience. We remain committed to the programme and will work closely with Airbus and our partners to continually enhance our A380 product as we look ahead to receiving our remaining 42 aircraft on order.”

Year of Zayed tribute - Adding to the celebrations, Emirates unveiled a special tribute to the late HH Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, founding father of the United Arab Emirates, with bespoke livery for its 100th A380. Sheikh Ahmed said: “2018 is the “Year of Zayed”, marking 100 years since the birth of our country’s founding father and celebrating his legacy. Emirates is proud to launch our tribute to the man who has been instrumental to the UAE’s formation and development, at the milestone delivery of our 100th A380. Just as the A380 has broken new ground in so many regards, Sheikh Zayed was a true pioneer and visionary. Bringing his message of inspiration, daring and determination to the world as we fly the A380 around the globe, is an apt way to celebrate his amazing legacy."

Positive impact aerospace and aviation - The Emirates A380 programme creates and supports manufacturing jobs across the global aircraft manufacturing supply chain. Airbus estimates that Emirates’ A380 orders alone support 41,000 direct, indirect and induced jobs in Europe, including some 14,500 in Germany alone. These are high-skilled jobs and impact a high-value supply chain, creating a significant multiplier effect in the countries where Airbus has aircraft production facilities. The estimated Europe-wide impact of Emirates’ A380 investment amounts to €3.4 billion in GDP in 2013/14. In Germany and France the GDP impact is €1.2 billion for each country.

In April 2015, Emirates signed an historic €8.7 billion deal with Rolls-Royce for Trent 900 engines and a long-term total care package. The engines will power 50 Airbus A380s which began entering service in 2016. The deal, which is the largest ever for Rolls-Royce and one of the largest ever export orders for a UK-based company, was part of Emirates’ ongoing investment in the UK and Europe. Setting new standards for flying experience - The introduction of Emirates’ first A380 in 2008 set new standards for customer experience, introducing many industry firsts including the Onboard Lounge, Shower Spas, free wi-fi and advanced inflight entertainment systems in all classes, as well as many other features.

Emirates continually invests to enhance its A380 product, ensuring its customers enjoy the best possible experience. To date over 85 million passengers have flown on the Emirates A380. The airline has implemented countless improvements on board its A380 fleet since 2008, ranging from subtle updates such as the addition of in-seat USB ports and introduction of electric window blinds, to more major upgrades such as relocating overhead luggage bins to provide a more spacious cabin, installing bigger and better inflight entertainment systems and a newly revamped Onboard Lounge.

Emirates’ A380 operations - Emirates is the world’s largest operator of the A380 aircraft, flying this iconic double-decked jet to 48 cities on six continents on scheduled services. Including one-off flights, special commemorative services, test flights and other operational deployments, over 70 airports to date have welcomed the Emirates A380. The airline receives on average 11 A380 deliveries per year, starting from its first aircraft in August 2008. In its 2016/17 financial year, Emirates received a record 19 new A380 aircraft.

In Dubai, Emirates operates the world’s largest A380 hub with an entire purpose-built concourse dedicated to A380 operations. The US$ 3.3 billion facility was an investment to offer travellers unprecedented convenience and comfort with direct boarding to the A380 aircraft from the First and Business class lounges and amenities including duty free shops, spas, an array of dining options and more. Emirates has 1,500 flight deck crew and over 23,000 cabin crew specially trained to operate its A380 fleet.

About Emirates - Emirates is the world’s largest international airline. It operates a technologically advanced fleet of over 260 wide-body aircraft, creating economically valuable air links that connect Dubai to 156 cities in 84 countries, and connect the world through Dubai. Emirates has earned a global reputation for service excellence, and has won numerous international awards for service and innovation.

About Airbus - Airbus is a global leader in aeronautics, space and related services. In 2016, it generated revenues of € 67 billion and employed a workforce of around 134,000. Airbus offers the most comprehensive range of passenger airliners from 100 to more than 600 seats. Airbus is also a European leader providing tanker, combat, transport and mission aircraft, and is one of the world’s leading space companies. In helicopters, Airbus provides the most efficient civil and military rotorcraft solutions worldwide.

The A380 is the world’s largest, most spacious airliner that offers passengers the smoothest, quietest and most comfortable ride. With two full widebody decks, offering widest seats, wide aisles and more floor space, the A380 has the unique capability to generate revenue, stimulate traffic and attract the passengers, who can now specifically select the A380 when booking a flight via the web site. Today 218 A380s are operated by 13 Airlines on 60 destinations and 240 airports can accommodate the A380 around the world.

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Emirates Airline celebra l'entrata in servizio del 100esimo Airbus 380
Il superjumbo della compagnia aerea di Dubai offre esperienze di volo uniche in tutte le classi di servizio

DUBAI (UAE) - Oltre 80 milioni di passeggeri hanno volato sul superjumbo nei nove anni da quando è entrato a far parte della flotta moderna degli Emirates. Oggi, Emirates vola con l'A380 in oltre 45 destinazioni che attraversano Africa, Asia, Australasia, Europa, Medio Oriente e Americhe. Ovunque funziona, l'Emirates A380 attrae la domanda dei viaggiatori per la sua esperienza di navigazione leader in tutte le classi di cabina ed è accolta dalle economie locali come contributore al turismo e alla crescita del turismo.

Con il suo volo inaugurale A380 nel 2008, Emirates ha vinto moltissimi premi dell'industria tra cui la sua iconica A380 Onboard Lounge e la Spa First Class Shower. Il Lounge Onboard rimane uno dei più grandi disegni dell'aereo fino ad oggi, ed è probabilmente il punto più popolare a 40.000 piedi. Ha attraversato varie modifiche successive e sottili, come l'introduzione di tende da finestra elettriche. L'ultima trasformazione del Lounge Onboard, ispirato alle cabine private di yacht, presenta un ambiente più intimo e sociale per un massimo di 26 ospiti. Il salone dispone ora di un ampio schermo LCD da 55 pollici con altoparlanti surround che fornisce ai clienti le ultime informazioni sul volo o le trasmissioni in diretta delle news o aggiornamenti sportivi.

Il bagno First Class Shower, che si occupa esclusivamente dei 14 passeggeri che viaggiano nelle suite private di First Class di Emirates, continuano a generare tanta curiosità. Dopo che Emirates ha predisposto l'ultima esperienza spa termale, solo un'altra compagnia aerea commerciale ha offerto una struttura simile nel cielo. Con quasi 100 A380 nella sua flotta, è sicuro di dire che se qualcuno fa una doccia a 40.000 piedi, probabilmente è su un Emirates A380. Con i suoi numerosi aspetti di design accurati, tra cui un pavimento riscaldato, un temporizzatore doccia, un asciugacapelli e prodotti termali, Emirates "Onboard Shower spa" rimane l'unico standard di lusso.

Intrattenimento in volo - Il sistema di intrattenimento a basso impulso Emirates, è stato inoltre costantemente aggiornato per offrire ai clienti più scelte per l'intrattenimento on demand e per migliorare l'esperienza di visualizzazione.

Mentre l'apparecchiatura è diventata più piccola, la capacità dei supporti è stata ampliata e Emirates offre ora più di due volte l'intrattenimento con 2.500 canali di film blockbuster, set televisivi, musica e documentari. Oltre alla scelta, Emirates ha investito quasi 1 miliardo di dollari su hardware per fornire un'esperienza di visualizzazione più comoda. Nel corso degli anni, le schermate del sedile sono state rese più grandi in tutte le classi. Lo schermo in prima classe è aumentato da 27 pollici a 32 pollici, gli schermi in Business Class da 17 pollici a 20 pollici, mentre gli schermi sugli ultimi aeromobili A380 offrono i più grandi della categoria con 13,3 pollici. Sono poi stati introdotti altri accorgimenti, tra cui porte USB per potenza e dati in ogni sedile e porte HDMI in classi premium per collegare dispositivi personali allo schermo digitale.

L'intera flotta A380 è stata inoltre dotata di connettività per consentire gratuitamente 20 MB di Wi-Fi in tutta la cabina. Nel giugno dello scorso anno, il primo A380 è stato dotato di Live TV permettendo ai passeggeri di guardare le notizie e le partite sportive a bordo.

Dal 2008, l'efficiente aereo A380 è stato ulteriormente potenziato per operare anche percorsi più lunghi. Ciò ha permesso a Emirates di aggiungere altre destinazioni alla sua rete A380, tra cui il più lungo volo A380 a livello mondiale - un servizio non-stop Dubai-Auckland introdotto nel marzo 2016. Oggi gli Emirates A380 raggiungono tutte le estremità del globo con voli non continui a Sao Paulo, Casablanca, Copenaghen, Tokyo e Los Angeles da Dubai. Emirates ha inoltre introdotto il primo A380 progettato a livello mondiale a 2 piani nel novembre del 2015, rendendolo il più grande aereo a livello mondiale con 615 posti a bordo pur mantenendo i servizi e la comodità dei servizi di bordo della compagnia aerea. Ecco un elenco dei collegamenti serviti dal gigante dei cieli.

Dubai - Sydney - Sydney - Dubai
Sydney - Christchurch - Christchurch - Sydney
Dubai - Melbourne - Melbourne - Dubai
Melbourne - Auckland - Auckland - Melbourne
Dubai - Brisbane - Brisbane - Dubai
Brisbane - Auckland - Auckland - Brisbane
Dubai - Auckland - Auckland - Dubai
Dubai - Perth - Perth - Dubai
Dubai - Amsterdam - Amsterdam - Dubai
Dubai - Barcellona - Barcellona - Dubai
Dubai - Birmingham - Birmingham - Dubai
Dubai - Copenhagen - Copenhagen - Dubai
Dubai - Düsseldorf - Düsseldorf - Dubai
Dubai - Francoforte - Francoforte - Dubai
Dubai - Londra Heathrow - Londra Heathrow - Dubai
Dubai - Londra Gatwick - Londra Gatwick - Dubai
Dubai - Madrid - Madrid - Dubai
Dubai - Manchester - Manchester - Dubai
Dubai - Milano - Milano - Dubai
Milano - New York - New York - Milano
Dubai - Mosca - Mosca - Dubai
Dubai - Monaco - Monaco - Dubai
Dubai - Parigi - Parigi - Dubai
Dubai - Praga - Praga - Dubai
Dubai - Roma - Roma - Dubai
Dubai - Vienna - Vienna - Dubai
Dubai - Zurigo - Zurigo - Dubai
Dubai - Toronto - Toronto - Dubai
Dubai - New York - New York - Dubai
Dubai - Washington - Washington - Dubai
Dubai - Los Angeles - Los Angeles - Dubai
Dubai - San Francisco - San Francisco - Dubai
Dubai - Mauritius - Mauritius - Dubai
Dubai - Kuwait - Kuwait - Dubai
Dubai - Bangkok - Bangkok - Dubai
Dubai - Pechino - Pechino - Dubai
Dubai - Guangzhou - Guangzhou - Dubai
Dubai - Hong Kong - Hong Kong - Dubai
Dubai - Kuala Lumpur - Kuala Lumpur - Dubai
Dubai - Mumbai - Mumbai - Dubai
Dubai - Seul - Seul - Dubai
Dubai - Shanghai - Shanghai - Dubai
Dubai - Singapore - Singapore - Dubai
Dubai - Taipei - Taipei - Dubai
Dubai - Johannesburg - Johannesburg - Dubai
Dubai - Casablanca - Casablanca - Dubai
Dubai - Tokyo Narita - Tokyo Narita - Dubai
Dubai - San Paolo - San Paolo - Dubai
Dubai - Nizza - Nizza - Dubai

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Emirates migliore linea aerea del mondo. L'annuncio da Skytrax World Airline Awards 2016. Questa è la quarta volta che Emirates vince il miglior riconoscimento da quando i premi sono stati introdotti 15 anni fa; la compagnia ha vinto il primo riconoscimento Skytrax come Migliore compagnia al mondo nel 2001, ancora nel 2002 e nel 2013. In totale, Emirates ha vinto un totale di 20 premi Skytrax World Airline dal 2001. (Continua...)